A Single Leaf

sustainable living made simple

A Single Leaf South West is the home of sustainable living in Dunsborough, Busselton and the South West.
Discover all you need to live the conscious life that you aspire to.

It’s time to turn over a new leaf…

Eco Decluttering

Bring harmony to your home by removing clutter in the most ecologically responsible way with this collaborative cleansing experience.

Eco DIY Workshops

Learn everyday sustainable skills, from making your own low-tox cleaning products, to concocting earth-friendly skin products, in our fun hands-on workshops.

Eco-Home Consultancy

Receive tailored, practical support to introduce, or improve, environmentally-responsible practices in your home.

About Us

Some thoughts from our founder

I started the company because I feel so privileged to live in this exceptional environment and I wanted to deserve it. I work hard to ensure my own life, home and garden reflect my eco-values. I make my own low-tox cleaning products, reduce my waste wherever possible and try not to rely on recycling as a solution. My garden contains homegrown fruit and vegetables, is fully organic and we’re planting more native trees and shrubs every year.

In 2019 we achieved Land for Wildlife status for our property a coveted title which means we have consistently managed our land specifically to support native animals.

Wherever possible I try to borrow things I need, repurpose or mend something I have or buy secondhand, if available. I am actively learning not to be a consumer.

These changes have taken me a long time and huge amounts of research. I want to help others, who may not have as much time to do this research, but still want to help our gorgeous planet. It frustrated me to see good people doing the wrong thing out of ignorance or confusion or because their lives are just too complicated, especially when I knew I could help them so simply.

So, that is why A Single Leaf South West exists, we’re here to help, let us know what you need.

Jo xxx

A Single Leaf

Live sustainably, love the South West

We want to turn all residents of the South West into eco-enthusiasts by making living sustainably simple. We give you the skills and reliable knowledge to lessen your harmful impact on our ecology, while transforming your space for the better. You can make a positive difference. We’re here to show you how.

Where else can you go whale watching, spot a critically endangered western ringtail possum and sip on a glass of the South West’s finest cabernet sauvignon all in one day? Nowhere else!

And that’s why it’s vital that we protect the biodiversity hotspot we live in.

Did you know?

One of the most harmful items to send to landfill is food waste.
When organic matter is trapped in airless landfill it releases methane – a serious contributor to global warming.

Compost your organic waste instead to reduce this methane and create a useful by-product.

Did you know?

It’s time to stop cooking with gas! If you’re replacing your oven or cooktop then the most ecological replacement is electric. Electricity is rapidly becoming cleaner in a way that gas can’t.

Did you know?

Recycling isn’t the best answer! It’s far better to reduce and reuse than recycle as recycling (whilst still much better than landfill) requires a lot of energy and water for transportation and treatment.

Did you know?

Aluminium is infinitely recyclable so if you are out and about and need a drink – purchasing something in a can is better than a plastic bottle.

Our Eco Services

Eco Decluttering

Clear home, clear conscience

Reclaim storage space, living space and headspace…All without damaging our ecosystem

Our Eco Decluttering service is an in-person detox of your home. Together we’ll clear out the unused, unwanted and unloved items that are taking up valuable space and find them new homes and purpose on the second hand market or reuse economy.

You’ll find our session cleansing, educational… therapeutic even, as the time and care we take in your home will leave you knowing yourself and your space better.

Taking the clutter with us (we can’t always take very large items), we’ll leave you with a home you love to spend time in and the tranquility of mess-free space.


“I gained great benefit from Jo’s decluttering of my wardrobe and linen. I had no idea I had accumulated so much and the process of letting go of all the excess was so enlightening. What a joy it is to go to my wardrobe now. Highly recommend.”

Sandie Gillard

Clear Home, Clear Conscience Package

This package is our most popular starter package, it costs $225 and includes:
  • Pre-visit questionnaire to find your focus & goals & share them with your expert
  • Free decluttering tips in case you want to start without us!
  • 2 – 2.5 hours in-home decluttering with an organisational expert
  • Help understanding why the clutter has built up & techniques for remaining clutter-free in the future
  • Packing & removal of clutter (as much as possible is taken)
  • Washing, mending & distribution of items back on to the second-hand market (op shops & second-hand stores)
  • Items that can’t be donated are gifted for repurposing (e.g. broken costume jewellery goes to a local artist, unusual copper piping to a creative plumber etc.)
  • Remaining items are recycled at a broad range of locations
  • Occasionally there are items that cannot be repaired, reused, repurposed or even recycled these will be disposed of responsibly

There is usually an opportunity to keep your organiser longer on the day if you wish. Each additional hour is charged at $45 (in half hour increments).

Other packages are available, for more info on these, or if you have a large project you would like us to help you tackle, get in touch and we can create a plan together.

Eco DIY Workshops

Save it, make it, love it

Dabble in the tricks of the eco-trade with workshops giving you the tools to live an Earth-friendly existence

Whether making your own all-natural skin products, or encouraging wildlife into your garden our Eco DIY Workshops teach you how to make the most of what’s around you and protect the planet in the process.

Private workshops

Fun with friends has never been so good for the planet! Our private workshops make a perfect alternative activity for hen dos, birthdays or corporate events… Book now and prepare to go green.


“I’ve attended Jo’s workshop and it is really inspiring and fantastic. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to go low-tox, cut product costs, save lots of money and get creative”.

Melia Brent-White

Eco-Home Consultancy

Green homes, green gardens

Reform your living space with bespoke one-to-one advice to suit your eco desires

Even the smallest of changes to your home can make the world of difference. So imagine what impact indulging in the deep expertise of our Eco-Home Consultancy could have!

With our pre-consultation questionnaire we’ll get to understand the changes you want to see and what you already do well, before getting stuck in with a hands-on in-home consultation.

Whether buzzing about bees, or waxing lyrical about waste…by the end of the session you’ll be an expert in how to make your home the sustainable haven you’ve been dreaming of.


“Working with Jo was such an eye opening, inspiring and positive experience. I feel empowered to make really positive (and simple!) changes that I know will benefit both my family and the planet”

Emily Meagher

Did you know?

Compostable take away coffee cups usually go to landfill where they are unable to compost.

But there are ways to lessen the impact. Ask us more.

Upcoming Workshops and Events

Make your own eco-cleaning products! Hands-on Workshop.

Make your own eco-cleaning products! Hands-on Workshop.

Make your own eco-cleaning products and take home everything you make! 11.30am - 1pm Tuesday 14th May at The People Place, Busselton Tickets available here Join us for a small-group, hands-on workshop designed to support you in making your own ecologically sound,...

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Love Your Leftovers Workshops

Love Your Leftovers Workshops

Practical solutions for reducing food waste at home! Interactive workshops and Follow Up Coffee Morning We are thrilled to announce, that thanks to the generous support of the Waste Authority WA and the City of Busselton, we will be offering workshops designed to...

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Community Repair CoOp

Community Repair CoOp

Dunsy's very own Community Repair CoOp! NEW VENUE AND DAY! You can now find us at St George's Family Centre, 48 Gibney Street, Dunsborough. Last SATURDAY of the month. Last Sat of the month, 9am -11am, St George's Family Centre, 48 Gibney Street, Dunsborough. Come and...

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Plastic Free July Free Talks

Plastic Free July Free Talks

Plastic Free July Join us at Dunsborough & Busselton Libraries in JUNE to find out all your need to know for your very own Plastic Free July. Want to take part in this year's Plastic Free July, but unsure where to start? Join us for a 'talking circle' where we...

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FREE Decluttering Talks

FREE Decluttering Talks

Decluttering Where to Begin 1.30 -2.30pm Monday 5th February Dunsborough Library 1.30 -2.30pm Monday 12th February Busselton Library Do you want to bring harmony to your home by removing clutter in the most ecologically responsible way possible? Keen to learn what...

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Clean-Up Australia Day

Clean-Up Australia Day

Monday 4th March 2024, Clean Up Australia Day, Dunsborough Join us at Dunsborough Foreshore to help clean up after the Dunsborough Arts Festival. After this we will spread out around Dunsborough to collect the litter in the local carparks and waterways to protect our...

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What We Recycle

Items we can recycle for you, for free

What We Recycle - A Single Leave

Please Remember

  • Containers need to be as empty as possible and dry.
  • Anything that can be recycled kerbside should be.
  • Please be respectful and do not drop off items that we do not take. If you do, it transfers the burden of your waste onto us and unfortunately it will still end up in landfill. 

Although we offer this service free of charge, we do not benefit from it. It is time consuming and incurs costs in its promotion and management. It is for this reason that your support through a gold coin donation would be greatly appreciated to help sustain and improve the service.


What We Recycle - A Single Leave


  • manual toothbrushes (not bamboo)
  • electric toothbrush heads
  • toothpaste tubes & lids
  • floss containers
  • inter-dental brushes
  • rigid & soft plastic packaging from dental items
What We Recycle - A Single Leave

Hair Care & Colour

  • tubes, pumps
  • lids
  • fully empty aerosols with caps on
  • gloves from hair dye*
  • any hair dye containers / equipment*
  • rigid & soft plastic packaging from hair care / colour items                          *empty & triple rinsed
What We Recycle - A Single Leave

Dish & Air Care

  • lids / spray tops of bottles
  • air fresheners
  • air freshener aerosol cans
  • packaging from dish / air care items      (The plastic bottles from those products can go in the City of Busselton kerbside recycling)
What We Recycle - A Single Leave

Skin Care

  • bottles, tubes & pumps
  • lids
  • droppers, sprays
  • rigid & soft plastic packaging from skin care items                                                 (The glass jars and plastic bottles from those products can go in the City of Busselton kerbside recycling)
What We Recycle - A Single Leave


  • finished pens, pencils
  • empty glue sticks
  • rulers, set squares, etc
What We Recycle - A Single Leave


  • all razors disposable or refillable
  • replaceable blade cartridges
  • all rigid and flexible plastic packaging
What We Recycle - A Single Leave

Glass Jars

  • clean glass jars with airtight lids
  • please remove the labels
  • these will be reused by us or other local businesses or community groups – reuse is better than recycle!
glad wrap recycling

Glad Wrap

  • clean, dry glad wrap & cling wrap
  • clean dry empty sandwich or freezer bags
What We Recycle - A Single Leave

Bread Tags

  • plastic only please (not cardboard)
  • try and rip them – if it doesn’t rip it’s plastic
  • if they do rip, place them in an envelope and put them into your kerbside recycling

Please Remember

  • Reducing is always better than recycling – can you do without any of these products in the future?
  • Reuse is always better than recycling – can you repurpose any of these items?

Join our Eco-Community

Working together for a sustainable South West

Worried about the climate crisis? Loss of biodiversity? Or just where to put your compostable coffee cup? Us too! Let’s do something about it…

Meet, learn and act together for our ecosystem. In our supportive A Single Leaf South West Facebook group you’ll discover:

A Single Leaf
  • Sustainability tips
  • Up-to-date ecological advice
  • Local earth-friendly events
  • Opportunities for community action
  • Interesting reads on ever-evolving eco-issues

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