Alternative Uses for Textile Waste

If your clothes or other textiles are ripped, stained or simply can’t be donated, could you use any of these strategies to avoid sending them to landfill?


  • Put a pretty patch or pocket over work decals, stains or branding so the item can still be worn. Check out your local repair cafe for help with this if you need it. Ours in here.

  • Turn t-shirts in to reusable shopping bags (see here) or cushion covers.

  • Create something new out of something old – check online for sustainable uses for old clothes and get inspired to make something beautiful.

  • Utilise local social media groups to see if anyone else can reuse pieces that you can’t – for example near us Star Sphere turn old jeans into bags, cushions and more.

  • Cut items up for kitchen cloths or cleaning rags.

  • Check if your local mechanic wants rags or towels. Or a vet or wildlife carer.

  • Cut into strips and use to stuff cushions.

  • Some op shops or Lions Sheds take donations of bags of cleaning rags, but be sure to check before you drop these off.

tshirts with pockets sewn over work logos


If you can’t find a way to reuse your textile waste, then see if it can be recycled instead of sent to landfill. Check out our next article for some locations in SW Western Australia.


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