Care and Maintenance of Secateurs

The most important aspect to consider is keeping your secateurs clean and lubricated. After every use they should be cleaned by dunking in a small jar of 100% methylated spirits for half an hour then wiping with a clean rag. This removes gum and also sterilises so diseases are not spread from plant to plant. The jar of alcohol can be reused until it becomes dirty and needs refilling. Next you should lubricate the secateurs with 3 in 1 oil and then rap them in a rag soaked in the same oil. This will prevent rusting. Lastly, only use secateurs for cutting soft woody plant material no thicker than your thumb. Anything thicker requires loppers or a saw.
If you want to see how it is done, come and visit the Dunsborough Community Repair CoOp and we’ll show you! We can teach you how to sharpen them too! Bring a gold coin and join us at the Greenfield Meeting Room, 35 Dunsborough Lakes Drive on the last Sunday of every month 9am-11am.