Clothes/Textile Recycling –  A Last Resort

Reuse is always better than recycle.

If you haven’t already, check out our previous articles What’s in our wardrobes?‘ and ‘Where Should it Go?’ and ‘Alternative Uses for Textile Waste’. If there really is nowhere else for it to go – then see if it can be recycled.

There are a few shops that will take clothes/shoes/linen to recycle, the closet for those of us in the South West are often in Perth. 

  • Sports shoes, thongs, sliders, trainers etc can be dropped off at Sports Power in Margs or Busso.


H&M and Zara for clothes and shoes.

Sheridan (but not he Bunbury outlet store) for bedding and towels


There are paid postage options too:

Upparel $35 for 10kgs of textiles (at time of posting this article)


Bras, Pants, Socks

Underwear for Humanity has a recycling program for its customers for underwear and bras. They will recycle other brands if you purchase their underwear first.


In landfill, decomposing materials can take up to hundreds of years to break down whilst releasing methane and microplastics.