Customer Experience of Our Decluttering Service

A Decluttering Testimonial 

From initial engagement with Jo, to waving her off as she drove my (no longer) beloved clutter away, the whole process was more recharging, empowering and simple than I could have ever imagined. 

The unique approach by A Single Leaf South West doesn’t aim to “make you” get rid of stuff, instead, Jo will prompt you to examine whether something is in your space for a reason/purpose, or if it’s there from habit/oversight. 

One of the most encouraging parts of the whole process was how kind, knowledgeable and supportive Jo was. I’m a sentimental hoarder. I keep stuff that’s been gifted or reminds me of something/someone or that I feel “guilty” parting with. Jo gently would encourage me to examine why I was holding onto that specific item and did so without any judgment or agenda! 



We focused on my kitchen and my linen cupboard. Two places that have felt really overwhelming in the past and ones I have struggled to declutter. But Jo’s systems made it really easy. From assembling all the Tupperware bases and their corresponding lids on my kitchen counter (genius! That culled 15 lidless bases right there!), to repurposing a piece of pottery that my sister did (terrible food saucer, wonderful place to stash my jewellery by the bed!) and determining which sheet sets were complete and what size they were (seriously, why don’t they just put it on the label!) – the entire journey was infused with intention and support.

The best bit? Being able to see my clutter be driven away, KNOWING it won’t be put into landfill and knowing that I won’t need to drive around with it in my boot for months (because that’s absolutely what my Good Sammies boxes do!).

I can’t recommend this service more highly. If you’re looking for more space in your life (literal and metaphorical), please reach out to Jo and A Single Leaf South West. You won’t regret it!

To book your own decluttering session call Jo on 0411556407 or email

As soon as we have answered any questions you have and scheduled a date, we will send you our decluttering tips so you can get started straight away and a questionnaire to help us learn about what you want to achieve for your home. Book today!




by Emily Meagher