How to use timers to reduce your carbon footprint

The Timers Wizards.

The vast majority of the power used in Australia is used in our homes.

1,228 PJ in 2019-20 used in households according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Compared to 910 PJ used by the next largest consumer, manufacturing.

Imagine if every household in Australia reduced its power consumption by 7-10%. With the rising cost of power, it’s a great time to look at reducing how much you need and you’ll be reducing your contribution to climate change at the same time. (If you haven’t already, check out our article on why this is the Decade of Choice and why we need to reduce our consumption of everything by 7-10%).

Available in all shapes and sizes these electrical mini wizards provide you with an easy eco-win.

We know that turning things turned off standby reduces our electricity consumption (and thus our carbon footprint), but we rarely do it because it’s inconvenient.

I only use my washing machine about once a week, so I turn that off at the plug each time, no problem. But I use my printer sporadically most days and remembering to turn it on and off each time annoys me.

Enter the humble timer plug…

My printer is now plugged into a timer. It is on from 9am until 3pm – that works for me (partly because we have solar and that’s when it’s cranking). My printer is switched off the rest of the time and I don’t even have to think about it. 

My phone charger is on a timer which is only on for an hour a day! I charge my phone in the late afternoon and leave it there overnight, but it only takes an hour to fully charge. Now the cable and the phone are not constantly pulling power while I’m sleeping.

Solar Power and Green Energy

For those of us lucky enough to have solar power, timers can help us use our power environmentally too! You’ll probably find your dishwasher and washing machine have a timer setting. Programme them to start once the sun is fully up and finish before 3pm, even if you have already left for the day.

(photo credit Levede Photography)