My Wardrobe Audit

If you have been following our Solutions to Textile Waste Series then you’ll know that I am not a fashionista and I only own 2 pairs of heels. You’ll also know that, on average Australians buy 56 new items of clothing per year.

To help inspire you to buy less or not buy ‘new new’ clothes, let’s look inside my wardrobe. 

So how many pieces of clothing do I own TOTAL in my whole house?

Including things like winter coats, rain jackets and work clothes. But not including underwear or accessories.

Note that, I can mostly wear my own clothes for work (I do have 3 branded t-shirts) and I have separate clothes for working in the garden or volunteering in the local reserve so that I don’t trash my nice clothes! A lesson that was hard learnt after having ruined lots of nice pieces. All these items are included in the audit.

Wardrobe audit That I don’t wear! That I’ve since moved on
Singlets/vest tops 12
T-shirts 11
Smart tops 7
Cardigans 7 4 2
Jumpers/Hoodies 8
Jackets/Coats 3
Jeans 3
Trousers (not jeans) 7 4
Leggings 4
Shorts 4 1
Skirts 0
Dresses 8 1
All in one/jumpsuit 4
Specialist Clothes
PJ tops 10 2 2
PJ bottoms 7 1
Dressing gowns 6 2 2
Work shirts 3
Exercise clothes
Shorts 1
Leggings/joggers 6
Bikini top 2
Bikini bottoms/shorts 2
Swim costume 2 2
Rashie 2
Gardening / Animal care / Dirty clothes
Dress 4
Singlet 4
T-shirt 5 1
Jumper 2
Shorts 2
Trousers 7
Cold weather / sailing clothes
Trousers 2
Shorts 2
Top 1
Thermal top 1
Thermal bottom 1
Trainers/running shoes 6
Boots 3 1
Other shoes 6
Gardening shoes 3 1
Thongs 1 1
Slippers 1
Walking boots 1
Gumboots 1
Totals 172 21 6
Left in my wardrobe 61 15


What did I learn?

So a total of 172 items of clothing, I guessed less than 100! Although to be fair, I hadn’t realised quite how many clothes I’ve kept for gardening/animal care – they’re way too worn out to donate and so I’m just wearing them until they fall apart. During the audit I found 11 items, I realised I didn’t wear and didn’t need and so donated them to an op shop easily. I wasn’t surprised there are items I don’t wear – I knew that.

I am surprised that I didn’t immediately feel I could donate some of the items I don’t wear. Some of them are useful and I will wear them (I believe!). The others I have reversed the hangers and if I don’t wear them by the end of this year I will donate them, because although I do like them and they fit, I clearly don’t like them as much as some of my other clothes and so I never get around to wearing them. 15 items I don’t wear is too many to have in my wardrobe.

Why not conduct your own wardrobe audit? Download our blank template here.

Once you’re done, if you’d to declutter your wardrobe but need a hand, call (0411556407) or email ( to book a decluttering session with me. One 1.5 session will leave you with a wardrobe that only contains items you love, that fit you now and that you wear. PLUS I’ll take the rest away to be washed, sorted and mended then donated, gifted, reused locally or, as a last resort, recycled.