Wardrobe Decluttering Success Story

One of our eco-friends over in SA had ago at our wardrobe decluttering. Here’s how Jenny went.
I cleaned out all my clothes storage! I had got a dress on Buy Nothing and decided I had better practice what I preach and move some things on. I’ve been through the rejected pile and sorted into Buy Nothing, op shop, H&M or Zara (you can take clothes there for recycling), Sheridan for bedding sheets/towels and Upparel (undies and bathers).
clothes hanging in a wardrobeclothes on a shelf
A few insights from my exercise:
  • Consider the climate where you live – here although it’s sometimes very hot, most of the year it’s cool to cold, so you need more warm than light clothes.
  • Consider your lifestyle – now that I am no longer working, I don’t need ‘office clothes’, mainly casual gear.
  • If I have a special occasion I could easily get an outfit at an op shop
  • Put your ‘thin clothes’ out of sight and only keep ones you will realistically fit into again
  • Containerise your undies to keep the chaos in check!


neat underwear drawer


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