What’s in a logo?

Reusing and repurposing is a passion here at A Single Leaf South West and even our name and logo have had a previous life. They represented a successful theatre company in the UK. But now? Now, they have been refreshed and given a second life as the sustainability experts you know today.

The phrase and the image of the single leaf show us that every single individual matters. That those who choose to change shape where we all go from here. That every single eco-decision should be celebrated. While there is still a single leaf on our planet there is hope. Its purpose is to encourage you – what can you do? Will you be turning over a new leaf today? Or how will you be turning over your next leaf?

The phrase is from a poem – Conrad Aikin’s ‘The Room’.

‘What else, when chaos draws all forces inwards 

To shape a single leaf?’


The poem is beautiful and complex, but when we apply it here, to the monumental, environmental crisis we are looking at, it reminds us, how little we need, how we can shape what we do to fit within the resources we already have. How to draw sustainability from chaos. 

It is us that shape the chaos. Let’s turn it into leaves. 


‘For the leaf came

Alone and shining in the empty room’