What’s in Our Wardrobes?

In short, a lot!

A lot of clothes we love and wear. A lot of clothes we don’t wear. A lot of manmade fabrics. Not a lot of recycled fibres.

According to the ‘National Clothing Product Stewardship Scheme’ we wear 70% of what is in our wardrobes. So that means 30% of what is there, could be being worn by someone else who wouldn’t have to buy new.

Let’s get this 30% back on the second-hand market. How?

You can simply go through and have a good clearout. 

  • Anything you haven’t worn in a year, 
  • Anything doesn’t fit you now
  • Anything that you don’t like
  • Anything that still has the tags 

All these should go.

If this quick approach isn’t your style, then try this:

  • Turn all the hangers in your wardrobe backwards. 
  • Get a piece of masking tape, write the date on it and stick it inside your wardrobe door. 

In one year any hangers that are still backwards mean that piece of clothing hasn’t been worn in a whole year, which probably means it’s time for it to go.