Why We Need to Tackle Our Textile Waste and How To Do It

Welcome to this educational mini-series.


If there was a list of the top 10 countries in order of how much textile (clothing) waste they produced per person, per year, where do you think Australia would be?

We’d be second!!

Australia is now the second-highest contributor of textile waste, per per person, in the world, only trailing the United States. Isn’t that amazing? I would never have guessed.

Textile waste is rapidly becoming one of our biggest waste problems. 200,000 tonnes of it are sent to landfill every year.

A recent report tells us this…

“Australia has no systematic resources for the collection of unwearable clothing, and almost no clothing and textiles reprocessing infrastructure on a national scale. And our re-use and re-sale sectors are overwhelmed with unwearable donations.” (National Clothing Product Stewardship Scheme)

So What’s the Solution?

The solution, as it so often is, is less. Buy less, waste less, bin less. Try and buy high-quality items that will last. Use what you have and be mindful of what you buy. Read on in our series to learn what you can do with textiles you already own, but no longer want whether they are wearable or not.


  1. Clothes and Textiles Let’s Be Part of the Solution.
  2. My Clothes Buying Habits
  3. My Wardrobe Audit
  4. Do your Own Wardrobe Audit
  5. What’s in Our Wardrobes?
  6. Where Should Our Unwanted But Wearable Clothes Go? COMING SOON
  7. What About Our unwearable items? Alternative Uses for Textile Waste COMING SOON
  8. Clothes/Textile Recycling  A Last Resort COMING SOON
  9. When We Do Get New (to us) Clothes – What Should We Be Looking Out For? COMING SOON