Love Your Leftovers Workshop Content

The info below if for those who attended our ‘Love Your Leftovers’ workshop, if you didn’t come you might not follow all the info, but you’re welcome to have a look anyway.


Hello again,

We hope you enjoyed our ‘Love Your Leftovers’ workshop, click the links below to download the notes from the talk, as promised, and the graphic too.

Don’t forget to join us for our final session – 2pm – 3.30pm Saturday 8th June at Busselton Youth and Communities Building

They’ll be talks from local sustainability groups, we’ll be there to answer any questions on the avoiding food waste, Alisa will be able to help with any worm farm issues or surprises PLUS they’ll be an awesome door prize!

Love Your Leftovers Content

Love Your Leftovers Graphic (click image for larger size)